The first record is Discosadness (2002). The second record is Numbers & Mumbles (2004). The third record is Ferocious Mopes (2005). The fourth record is Impeccable Blahs (2006). The fifth record is The Wishes And The Glitch (2008). The sixth record is Oohs & Aahs (2009). The seventh record is Um, Uh Oh (2011). The eight record is (from the film) Free Samples (2013). The ninth record is Endless Wonder (2014). The tenth record is Bleeders Digest (2015). You can listen to, stream and buy these records at the following destinations ... APPLE:     SPOTIFY:     AMAZON:     SOUNDCLOUD:     BANDCAMP:     BARSUK: ... Naturally, they are available at your local record shop too. If you cannot find them there, kindly ask if the clerk might order some copies from Redeye Worldwide, our distributor.